Solve x - (- 5) = 32. Show your work and keep your equation balanced.

Accepted Solution

Answer:x=27Step-by-step explanation:To balance an equation means to do whatever we do on one side of the equation to the other side. But first, we have to simplify both sides as much as possible. [tex]x-(-5)=32 \\[/tex]As we know, [tex]-.- = +[/tex]So we get: [tex]x+5=32 \\[/tex]Now we cancel the 5, substracting 5 to that side of the equation and to the other one: [tex]x+5-5=32-5 \\[/tex]We know that:[tex]5-5=0[/tex]So:[tex]x+0=32-5 \\[/tex][tex]x=27 \\[/tex]