Accepted Solution

lets use divide and conquer method. basically option elimintation method in which we eliminate the wrong options. so in option b and d they mentioned 7 cups, now as given each cup takes 3 pounds clay so 7 cups will need 7Γ—3 = 21 pounds of claybut unfortunately we have only 20 pounds of clay. so Option B and D got eliminated. now calculate profit for option A and C.let assume c is number of cup and p is number of platesequation can be total clay = 3c + 2p and total clay must be less than and equal to 203c + 2p <= 20total profit = 2c + 3pnow for option A 3Γ—2 + 2Γ—7 = 20 equation satisfiedprofit = 2Γ—2 + 3Γ—7= 25for option C3Γ—0 + 8Γ—2 = 16 <= 20 eauation satisfies. profit = 2Γ—0 + 8Γ—3 = 24 so profit is in option A