November 2020 Meeting (w copy of presentation)

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Air and Waste Management Members, Associates, Students and Friends –

Please join us via webinar for A&WMA’s Central Texas Chapter’s meeting on Wednesday, November 11th!

Topic: PFAS Cycling and the Treatments to Tackle the “Forever Chemicals”

Sometimes it is what you do not know that can hurt you. PFAS is often called the “forever Chemical” because of the inability to break down in the environment. PFAS is contained in water supplies, a wide variety of consumer and industrial products and chemicals, firefighting foam, and is found in wastewater discharges, biosolids, and landfill leachate.  Much focus is currently on PFAS in drinking water, with a significant difference between Federal guidelines and often much stricter standards in a number of states, leading to consumer confusion and a lack of confidence in the regulatory process.

Although we find cycling between inputs to landfills and the dischargers from landfill leachate, as well as flows to wastewater pretreatment plants from a variety of source including landfill leachate. Wastewater treatment plant biosolids sent to landfills, or spread on agricultures land may ultimately end in agricultural products or groundwater. We found that there is a significant reduction in volumes and types of PFAS entering compared to discharging from landfills.  Therefore, we speculate that landfills may reduce the toxicity and sequester PFAS and may provide a societal benefit.

Nevertheless, there is significant interest in reducing PFAS by destruction and separation technologies currently in use and being developed. These include ion exchange, activated carbon adsorption, reverse osmosis, and a variety of innovative technologies.  A summary of technologies shows promise of separating, destroying, and ultimately reducing PFAS exposures.

Speaker: Ivan A. Cooper, PE, BCEE / Principal

Mr. Cooper is the Water and Wastewater Practice Lead for Civil & Environmental Consultants. He designed over 100 leachate, industrial, and municipal wastewater treatment plants.  He has a BSCE from Union College and a Master’s in Civil Engineering from Northwestern University.  He is a PE in 19 states, and is a BCEE with a Wastewater Treatment Specialty.  He is chair of SWANA’s Leachate Management Committee, and serves on the Water Environment Federation’s Industrial Waste Committee. He received the 2017 Roy F. Weston Award – for contributions in solid waste technology and management, and the 2019 Distinguished Individual Achievement Award from the Solid Waste Association of North America. He served as a subject matter expert on wastewater and solid waste for the US State Department in the Palestinian West Bank and in Morocco.

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12:00 – 12:05 p.m. – Central Texas Chapter Business
12:05 – 1:00 p.m. – Presentation


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